Under The Bed

Under The Bed

Watch the official Under The Bed porn movie by Sneaky Sex featuring Alex Blake and Daisy Lynne in HD! by Realitykings.

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Alex Blake and Daisy Lynne go to their friend’s place for a slumber party movie night. While they change into their sexy pajamas, Kyle Mason, their friend’s brother, spies on them. It turns out the two horny teens have the hots for him, so as soon as the movie begins, Alex finds an excuse to venture into Kyle’s room and takes off her top, teasing her perky tits. Then, she gets down on her knees and wraps her luscious lips around his big hard cock! They almost get caught when Daisy has same idea and sneaks into the bedroom to see Kyle. Alex hides under the bed where she has the perfect vantage point to see just how slutty her friend is! When Daisy almost gets caught by Kyle’s sister, she ends up under the bed with Alex! That’s when the two horny teens decide to join forces and turn this sneaky sex session into a hot threesome!

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