Good Clean Licking Fun

Good Clean Licking Fun

Watch Good Clean Licking Fun featuring Janna Hicks and Natalie Brooks. A Lesbian porn movie by Moms Lick Teens. Exclusive by Realitykings.


Janna Hicks has come home to a disgusting house. There’s garbage everywhere, and her stepdaughter Natalie Brooks has spent absolutely ZERO time investing in the cleanliness of her environment! Well, it’s time to get that dirty, slutty, college-age teen on her knees to scrub and wipe down these naughty– I mean DIRTY surfaces… Is this really about cleaning? Or are the power dynamics here representative of some rising sexual tension? That spank was a bit too forceful. Maybe a bit out of place in a platonic relationship. Oh, well, Janna is now using Natalie’s perky tits to wipe the floor…. I think all pretense is gone, and this is just a hot expression of taboo repressed desires! Natalie’s ass makes an amazing noise when spanked. I think she likes it. Do you?

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