The Late Night Out

The Late Night Out

Watch The Late Night Out featuring Daisy Lynne and Paris Knight. A Lesbian porn movie by Moms Lick Teens filmed by Realitykings.

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Paris is up waiting for her son, Jeremy, to come home after a late night out. He just turned 21 and might have had just a bit too much “fun” during his celebratory night… Not long after, Paris’s continued pacing is interrupted by an abrupt commotion in the entranceway as she spots Jeremy being dragged in by his teenage girlfriend, Daisy. After they manhandle the drunk “man” onto the couch, they get to talking about the night… How it was planned to be such a big thing, Daisy spending a lot of time getting ready, and how unfortunately it ended in such a downtrodden manner. Things start to get a little more tense between the two ladies, however, as the compliments start to become more and more personal… Suggestive. Sexual. Why should Daisy’s night be dictated by Jeremy? How could he leave Paris up all night worrying? When the boy is asleep, MILF and teen will creep! It’s going to be a late night indeed.

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