Pants Prank Gone Wrong

Pants Prank Gone Wrong

Watch Pants Prank Gone Wrong featuring Harmony Wonder and Jordi. A Amateur porn movie by RK Prime. Filmed by Realitykings.

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If you’re trying to go around pantsing hot chicks, you’d better be ready to run! Jordi thinks he’s got away with his prank spree after pulling down the pants of three different hot babes at the beach and hiding in the bushes, but his hubris–and the pissed-off women–catches up to him when he tries for a fourth. Unimpressed with Jordi’s idea of a practical joke, the crowd of angry ladies chases him, and Harmony, Kali, and Rose join forces to teach Jordi a lesson he won’t forget! Since he was trying so hard to get a glimpse of their booties, the babes shimmy out of their leggings and rub their asses all over his face before making him lick and suck their nipples. These athletic gals even hoist Jordi into an upside-down 69 before they use his dick for their own pleasure, making sure Jordi knows exactly who’s boss.

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