Ricky’s Gang

Ricky’s Gang

Watch the official free HD video for Ricky’s Gang featuring hot pornstar Alena Croft and Ricky Spanish. Exclusive of Realitykings.


Ricky Spanish might be a king in the secure bubble of his gang of youthful ruffians, but to any outward observer he’s a poser who would cower in front of some stern discipline. When Ricky and his gang find themselves hanging out in front of Alena Croft’s house, he coaxes his friends into messing with her garden – and then with her directly. A prank mishap, though, exposes Ricky to Alena’s wrath, and just as expected, he submits in front of her. It turns out, though, that Alena’s idea of disciplining Ricky is to put his true manhood to the test.

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